[EN] Podere Pradarolo presentation


The Pradarolo Farm, located in the Parma hills between 250 and 500 mt,  was purchased in 1971 and in 1989 was converted to produce wine through a calling which has been long lost and extensively documented in the past. Alberto Carretti makes specific choices: production of biological grapes by using only copper and sulphur, ancient winemaking with the recovery of extensively long macerations for both white and red wines, native yeasts in order to obtain a wine which is healthy, long-lasting, natural, with an ancient flavour, original, and related to the territory.
 The Pradarolo Farm in Serravalle is located in the town Varano de’ Melegari, the first town established in the CenoValley.
Besides here you will find historical memories related to a high quality wine dating back to the 600’s and others related to the famous Vianino ham that where sumptuously laid on Marie Louise’s table. The uniqueness of this territory is its microclimate characterized by constant ventilation, even during the sweltering summer days. It is easy to understand how the air that originates from the sea, channelled through the Ceno Valley, finding a natural obstacle in the bend that forms the east Monte Castello cliff, and is forced to rise through the effect of heat towards the coast’s road, creating a perfect microclimate for the cultivation of vineyards.
Our wines:
Still wines
Vej Bianco antico 
Velius Rosso asciutto 
Libens Rosso assoluto
Vej Bianco antico Metodo Classico
Velius Rosè Metodo Classico
Sweet wines
Frinire di Cicale
Il Canto del Cio'