Wine growing

Our first goal is to reach a balanced condition in the systems density, the pruning, the productivity and weed control..

This is why we consider the preservation of the biodiversity, as the key factor for obtaining a high degree of independence in vine cropping. This is the characteristic that allows the vine to be as independent as possible in development, that is, to keep a high level of organic matter regeneration in relation to the specific ecosystem in which it is found.

Alberto Carretti intento alla coltivazione della vite


In operational terms, this means to create the conditions so that the vine grows and remains strong, healthy and singularly productive, without depending on external treatments. In this manner a completely natural product is cultivated, which is the best possible raw material for the making of a quality wine.





Far from being based on a romantic empirism, the complex of agronomic techniques used is based on a scientific approach that represents the continuation of a tradition rotted in ancient times, linking the past to the present to the future.

All of this aims to express the research of a low-impact agriculture which leads to obtain healthy fragrant fruit, suitable for long macerations and the aging of the finished product.