The Traditional Method


The wine making done in the Pradarolo cellar is based on the complete absence of conservatives, additives and stabilizers of various kinds. This is possible only if you have available a fruit with excellent properties.

 The very long macerations – stilled practiced in Georgia and Armenia that is the cradle of wine and vineyards – therefore permit to obtain wine which is stable in time without using additives. Above all they manage to extract from the fruit all the best that is contains: the color, fragrance, aroma, vitamins, polyphenols.





The recipe seems quite simple. In fact, in our research, you must combine technical factors with stylistic/aesthetic factors, related to the customers taste. We need to find the best route to better express the grapes characteristics. We work not only with great attention to the technical aspects but also we try to build on experience and intuition. Creativity guides the decision on how to vary the maceration in relation to the grape’s characteristics and the vintage. This is what permits the creation of entirely new products.

This way, for example, the sweet Termarina and Bianco Antico classic method Vej were created