The revitalization of farm production and the architectural restoration of its buildings are part of the project where most of the companies energy is concentrated.

Restoration of the villa and its connected buildings has proven to be an enterprise of enormous commitment, not only financially but also on a personal level. In fact the adoption of philological restoration criteria requires great critical attention from the patronage, in depth research, and constant presence on site.

Alberto undertook this challenge without compromises, as it is in his character, finding a balance between safe guarding the original building and its functional modernization. The work carried out since the year 2000 has led to the completion of the Farm, a result that permits the Pradarolo farm to expand what it offers to a charming hospitality side.




Future investments will be dedicated to the creation of a structure to present the products and for food and wine training and entertainment.

From the wine point of view, other than the expansion of the cellar and the production of new vineyards, we include that following initiatives:

·                 Refinement of the production of the long maceration malvasia classic method

·                 Recovery of the native vine “malvasia of Parma” and its wine

·                 Refinement and consolidation of the technical production of  Termarina in full barrels “solera method”

·                 The elimination of copper and sulphur based treatments in collaboration with  Vinnatur, Natural Wine Makers Association.

The development of new products is a strategic factor for the Pradarolo farm.

 Alberto Carretti is also active in the proposal of territorial development projects focused on the preservation and study of ancient and native plant species.