Claudia Iannelli, has worked in the chemical industry and, subsequently, in the furnishing industry, reaching positions of responsibility in international sales.  The choice to stop wearing a grey suit and to wear pants and rubber boots came through instinct:  “This land captured and captivated me immediately, you can feel history everywhere, Ceno Valley’s beauty has nothing to envy in comparison to my homeland in Tuscany.  I am just staring to learn to live nature’s rhythm and timetable. Wine has always been a great passion of mine; I have always been a daughter of the labels, of the prestige Cuvee, and of international wines.” 


Thus was born the association with Alberto Carretti, so absorbing to become a lifestyle choice.  Claudia and Alberto got married in March 2011:  “Now together with Alberto I am learning that wine is something else completely. This tradition and ancient art fascinates me: the maceration, a technique that enhances the grapes, the season and most of all the land. VEJ is my wine, this ancient rose scented white wine, typical of Pradarolo and is really a feminine wine. I adore it. The natural wines thus have become my damnation, I can’t drink anything else, in fact I have developed an intolerance to sulphur that causes me heartburn and headaches.  Be careful because real wine is addictive!”