The Kitchen


We propose, in a friendly atmosphere, Emilian dishes, in particularly from Parma and Piacenza, and from Tuscany. Some references are:

·                 Fresh egg pasta - tagliatelle,  lasagna, anolini, tortelli, pisarei with beans; 

·                 Beef and pork cold cuts ,  especially the black pig raided in open pastures,  the major veal and beef cuts;

·                  Vegetables and herbs pick fresh from the surrounding fields  - borage, farinello, purslane, dandelion – local mushrooms – porcini mushrooms, the ovule, the Val Ceno white truffle; 

·                 Local dairy products – primarily mountain Parmigiano Reggiano – for which Val Ceno is one of the most prestigious production areas.



Our meals are carefully chosen on the basis of the season, the territory and the quality. Accompanying them with home made bread baked in our wood burning oven -  with the yeast from the fermentation of  Vej – our wine and friendly spirit, for which the guests and the hosts sit down at the same table.

Basically everything that the surrounding nature and human tradition has to offer is what we no longer want to lose.