Grappa Vej Bianco Antico



Type: White wine grappa

 Raw material: Aromatic Malvasia di Candia (Vej Bianco Antico) vines which are macerated at length.

Production region: In the Parma hills, Varano de' Melegari, Località Pradarolo

Distillator: Distillery Vittorio Capovilla, Rosà Vicentino

Distillation: Distillation water bathed slowly and diluted to the ideal alcoholic content with pure spring water. Without sugar and flavour additives

Original alcoholic degrees: 79° Vol.

Dilution: 45° Vol diluted with pure spring water

Colour: Clear and transparent

Aroma: Perfectly clean with a touch of characteristic Malvasia aroma

Flavour: Strong but smooth

 Packaging: Carton box containing 6 bottles (It 0,50)