We run a handle harvest. The fermentations start usually into steel barrels with obviously native yeasts, without temperature control and in total absense of Sulphur Dioxide, like any other fermentation’s additives.
The maceration last just when the tasted wine presents the suitable characteristics to be refined into large oak barrels. They are usually long-lasting, we speak about months.
The refining process into large oak barrels or spent barriques will last for about 15/20 months
The bottling is just when the wins is ready
Sweet wines of course follow an other road.
The sweet wine of Malvasia is get from dried grapes exposed under the sun over some sheets. We select the suitable cluster, which is straggly and ripe. The vintage can last from 1 to 3 weeks, accordingly to weather conditions. Then the grapes are pressed with a hydraulic press and they start the fermentation into steel barrels which will then continue into spent barriques.
The sweet wine of Termarina is run like the sweet wine of Malvasia until the refining process into wood. At this point the wine will be contained into a Solera line made up of spent barriques, which are not empty in order to favour the oxidation. This system provides the filling of every vintages starting from 2007
Also the sweet wines are completely without added sulphites.
The most important thing of the cellar is that it represents a bacterial ecosystem, which is both a barrier against infections and a starter for the fermentations. This is possible only thanks to a continuous attention to “nose” work, to cleanings should be not too much aggressive or mild. They are run with mechanical cleansers like soda and citric acid avoiding any antibacterial detergent.